By Shon Bollock

Well, here it is. The highly anticipated release of the 4th of 7 Slippery When Wet trailers featuring the man, the myth, the legend, Ben Stookesberry. This man has proven himself a world-class filmmaker, kayak icon, and easily one of the top expedition kayakers on the planet. I can say openly, after knowing Ben since I was 14, that he possesses the mindset of no other kayaker I have met. If it’s possible in a kayak, Ben is the man that will make it happen. One similar trait that you will find from all athletes featured in this film is an overall calm demeanor with an immense respect for the river. Ben's shear passion for exploratory kayaking has put him at the forefront of the kayaking industry.

Ben's trailer boasts incredible footage from all over North America. Some highlights to look out for would include record high water on the North Fork Payette in Idaho, fastest one-day decent of the Middle Kings in California, Royal Gorge of the NF American, footy from the 1st decent of the 2nd deepest gorge in North America, the Rio Presidio (Mexico), plus much much more. Enjoy the edit and look forward to 3 more trailers set to drop in the coming months. DVDs should be available by July 2011, and will be for sale right here through Shasta Boyz Productions and select outdoor stores.

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