Ben Marr during Stage 1 of the Whitewater Grand Prix. Photo:

The first Whitewater Grand Prix, an invitational-only kayaking series with 20-something of the world’s best paddlers, is underway in Canada with two stages—best trick on “Gladiator” of the Ottawa River, and big water boatercross on the Rouge River in Quebec—in the books. Some video and results from Stages 1 & 2:

Stage 1: Best Trick

Stage 2: Big Water Boatercross

Current Overall Standings

1. Nick Troutman (CAN)
2. Rush Sturges (USA)
3. Ben Marr (CAN)
4. Keegan Grady (CAN)
4. Bryan Kirk (USA)
6. Dane Jackson (USA)
7. Aniol Serrasolses (ESP)
7. Tino Specht (USA)
7. Gerd Serrasolses (ESP)
7. Casper Van Kalmthout (NLD)
11. Chris Gragtmans (CAN)
12. Tyler Curtis (CAN)
12. Joel Kowalski (CAN)
14. Anton Immler (SWE)
15. Jonny Meyers (USA)
16. Devyn Scott (CAN)
16. Evan Garcia (USA)
18. James Bebbington (GBR)
19. Tyler Fox (CAN)
20. Logan Grayling (CAN)
21. Joey Hitchins (CAN)
22. Mat Dumoulin (FRA)
1. Lou Urwin (NZL)
2. Katya Kulkova (RUS)
3. Emily Jackson (USA)
4. Marie-Pier Cote (CAN)
4. Katrina Van Wijk (CAN)

Stage 2: Big Water Boatercross

1. Nick Troutman (CAN)
2. Brian Kirk (USA)
3. Anton Immler (SWE)
4. Aniol Serrasolses (ESP)
5. Keegan Grady (CAN)
6. Casper Von Kalmthout (NLD)
7. Chris Gragtmans (CAN)
8. Rush Sturges (USA)
9. Gerd Serrasolses (ESP)
10. Evan Garcia (USA)
11. Tino Specht (USA)
12. Jonny Meyers (USA)
13. Ben Marr (CAN)
14. Dane Jackson (USA)
15. Logan Grayling (CAN)
16. Tyler Fox (CAN)
17. Joel Kowalski (CAN)
18. Tyler Curtis (CAN)
19. James Bebbington (GBR)
20. Joey Hitchins (CAN)
21. Devyn Scott (CAN)
22. Mat Dumoulin (FRA)… currently sidelined with injury
1. Lou Urwin (NZL)
3-way tie for 2nd: Katrina Van Wijk (CAN), Marie-Pier Cote (CAN), Kayta Kulkova (RUS)

Stage 1: Best Trick Contest

1. Ben Marr (CAN)
2. Dane Jackson (USA)
3. Rush Sturges (USA)
4. Nick Troutman: (CAN)
5. Tyler Curtis: (CAN)
6. Joel Kowalski: (CAN)
7. Tino Specht: (USA)
8. Devyn Scott: (CAN)
9. Gerd Serrasolses (ESP)
10. Keegan Grady (CAN)
11. James Bebbington (GBR)
12. Casper Van Kalmthout (NLD)
13. Bryan Kirk (USA)
14. Chris Gragtmans (CAN)
15. Aniol Serrasolses (ESP)
16. Jonny Meyers (USA)
17. Tyler Fox (CAN)
18. Joey Hitchins (CAN)
19. Evan Garcia (USA)
20. Logan Grayling (CAN)
21. Anton Immler (SWE)
22. Mat Dumoulin (FRA)… currently sidelined with injury.
1. Lou Urwin (NZL)
2. Emily Jackson (USA)
3. Katya Kulkova (RUS)
4. Marie – Pier Cote (CAN)

Event Schedule
May 6-7

Petite Bostonnais River
Practice Saturday
Time Trial Sunday
May 9-12
Mistassibi River
Practice Monday and Tuesday
Freestyle Wednesday and Thursday
May 13-14
Bras Louis River
Practice Friday
Giant Slalom Saturday