Is this the largest bass of 53 years of 'Kentucky Afield?' Host Tim Farmer thinks it might be.

Is this the largest bass of 53 years of ‘Kentucky Afield?’ Host Tim Farmer thinks it might be.

Wide Open
‘Yaker paddles into the best bass bite of his life on a Kentucky farm pond
By Mike Stevens

The advantages of fishing from a kayak are well publicized, and the same points typically come up in that conversation. Stealth, portability and the ability to get where larger boats can't are some of the biggies, but the advantages can be more specific and specialized depending on the angler paddling it.

This video features the host of the longest-running outdoor TV show in America on an epic largemouth bite on a Kentucky farm pond. Now in it's 53rd season, Kentucky Afield is now hosted by Tim Farmer who closes this one by saying, "That's the best bass-fishing day I have ever had in my life" after a wide open bite on football-sized largemouth bass that you would expect to see on a lake in Florida, California or even Mexico.

An avid outdoorsman and a Kentucky native, Farmer lost the use of his right arm in a motorcycle accident in 1984, but he not only seamlessly lands fish-after-chunky-fish on this self-proclaimed day of days without a hitch, he also uses the capabilities of the kayak itself to aid in setting the hook and landing the fish.

You'll immediately notice how when a fish bites, Farmer makes a long, sweeping hook set before winding down with the reel handle clamped in his teeth. During this process, he is also using the ability to pedal in reverse in his Native Kayak to maintain tension on the line to keep the jig pinned in the fish's mouth. While this is of obvious use to Farmer, it as a technique that could really be used any time you are dealing with slack line and need to create tension as quickly as possible.

Farmer's ‘disadvantage’ quickly becomes unnoticeable in the midst of his incredible day on the water, and it just becomes a highlight reel of great fishing for quality bass. He also offers advice on how to score access to places like this if there are some in your area that you are just dying to find out what lurks under the surface.