YouTube frame capture, roosta51.

YouTube frame capture, roosta51.

By Paul Lebowitz

South Africa’s hardcore kayak anglers crank out some of the most interesting video footage around. Here’s a good one from Roscoe Rautenbach. Watch what happens when he gets to the end game for a solid, 50-pound tuna. The fish gets in a few kicks of its own. Rod overboard!

Rautenbach was fishing offshore of Durban. He was lucky to keep his rod, although he had to put in some handline work. No harm done.

“We are fortunate enough to be able to fish successfully year round with fishing usually good throughout. Often the keenness to get into the sea causes me to leave home without a few essentials, and this morning was just that… rod leash left on the dinning room table. Doh! Lesson learnt,” Rautenbach wrote.

Catch more of Rautenbach’s videos at his roosta51 YouTube channel.

H/T to his fellow South African Jasper Pons, who is also known to mix it up on video from time to time.