YouTube frame capture, SouthTexasFishing956.

YouTube frame capture, SouthTexasFishing956.

By Mike Stevens

Language Warning: NSFW pottymouth detected at the 13:40 mark

With tools like GoPro cameras, YouTube, software that can turn anyone into a legit filmmaker overnight, and even aerial-shot –securing drones, the quality, creativity and widespread availability of fish porn is unbelievable if not overwhelming. Underwater cameras dialed in on trolling lures to capture the strike, soundtracks laid over video to increase the ‘get pumped’ value, GoPros attached to nets, gaffs, rods, anglers and so on, have done to homemade fishing videos what Jerry Bruckheimer did to action flicks, only without the hefty price tag.

While we admittedly eat it up and are constantly hungry for more, it is refreshing to see something simplified, without all the bells and whistles, that still has everything you could ask for in a fishing video.

In the description for this one, the angler who posted the video actually says that this is the version without music because "some people complained about it." What resulted in the redux version was audio as well as video footage that puts the viewer in a kayak fishing simulator of sorts; a point of view that video gamers experience while playing a first person shooter.

It starts off with no sounds other than each dip of the paddle as the ‘yaker approaches some tailing redfish. Then the whip of the cast, the uncoiling line, the quiet workings of the spinning reel during the retrieve, and birds. You get a good look at the D.O.A. Shrimp he's tossing, where it lands, the hookup, the drag paying out, and even the angler whispering a few words to himself during a couple of the battles. But the best part is, it happens again and again and again.

The complete essence of fishing is captured, and the bare minimum of production is added, but it doesn't take away from any of it. We are not discouraging the ‘cooling up’ of fish porn with aerial and subsurface shots to go along with a heavy metal soundtrack and lasers, but make sure it's not at the expense of the raw elements that fellow anglers clicked on it for in the first place.