Isaac with an ahi off the coast of Oahu.

Video, photos and text by Aaron Black-Schmidt

Not only is Isaac Brumaghim one of the premier kayak fishermen to come out of the Hawaiian Islands, (Pacific Warriors ring any bells?) he also is a master in the kitchen when it comes to preparing his catch. Brumaghim takes as much pride in his cooking as he does in his fishing. And with three hungry boys to feed, it’s always a great sight when dad pulls into the driveway and pulls heavy pelagics from the cooler in the back. The boys know the drill, assisting their father by wrapping the thick slabs of ahi in paper towels before sealing them into ziploc bags. Some will go into the freezer for later, but the choice bits will head straight to the kitchen. Using a variety of simple ingredients, Brumaghim will transform these cuts into mouth-watering portions of spicy ahi, seared ahi and sashimi.

That’s a good chunk of fish!

Dinner party at the Brumaghim house.  Unlike some other Hawaiian kayak fishermen, Brumaghim doesn’t sell his catch.  He prefers to feed his family and those close to him. Often, fish will be left with the lifeguards at his local beach.

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Brumaghim has also produced several videos showcasing his catches and island technique.