Big Red On Top

Big Red On Top

Monster: Big Reds on Top
By Ben Duchesney

Photo: Brandon Barton, YouTube

Hobie Kayak Fishing team members Brandon Barton and Marty Mood were on their way to fish a grass flat off Pensacola, Florida when they saw a sand flat with bait popping on the surface. "The tide was coming in and there was a channel where redfish were cruising, coming up onto the flat to feed," said Barton.

He caught this 41-inch redfish at sunset on a Heddon One Knocker Spook. "It sounded like a whale when the redfish exploded on it," said Barton.

Barton caught the red by walking the dog with the spook in two feet of water. He said, "Keep throwing them, keep fan casting, don't give up. I'll throw topwater all day for that one hit." He uses a Tactical Angler Clip to switch lures quickly, carry less rods and still get the same action as using a loop knot.

Barton lost his go-to lure to a bluefish right after catching the big red so he switched to a Live Target Topwater Mullet. He caught a 36-inch redfish on the next cast. "Mood was starting to get bummed out," said Barton, "but then he hooked into a 37-inch red."