Team Hooked on Yak mixes business with pleasure in their new video.

Team Hooked on Yak mixes business with pleasure in their new video. Vimeo video capture, Team Hooked on Yak.

By Mike Stevens

Running marathons in costume has become a ‘thing’ in recent years, and while it might irk the occasional running purist, the practice can't help but draw the attention someone who might not have otherwise thought of giving competitive running a shot before they realized they could do it in a sombrero and cut off jeans.

So why can't it work for other outdoor activities?

In one of the latest off-beat videos produced by the Lafayette, Louisiana based kayak fishing trio known as "Team Hooked on Yak," the threesome donned Goodwill-store bought formal attire while putting a Gulf Coast beatdown on some redfish. Based on the looks they said they got from other anglers on the water, they knew the video would be a hit and accomplish the goal of all of their videos – promoting the sport and doing their part to help propel its growing popularity.

BUSINESS AS USUAL – GOPRO HD from Team Hookedonyak on Vimeo.

Brett Domingue, Trevor Braun and Shane Curole had fished together for a long time before discovering kayak fishing and instantly falling in love with it for its simplicity and close connection with the environment. They have since been on a mission to convince people that it's really easy to get into with a minimal investment, and they do so with not only their videos, but with seminars, tournaments and even scholarships.

"Our videos are just one facet of what Team Hooked On Yak does in relation to promoting kayak fishing. I feel it touches on a good bit of our ongoing passion with promoting kayak fishing and using what attention we get into helping others," said Domingue.