Kwanza Freshwater Bully, Fall Edition

The latest fishing video from Kwanza ‘Kayak’ Henderson represents the freshwater angling after a lot of saltwater bullying. Henderson has been out in his Predator PDL in the saltwater a lot lately and decided to mix it up to target local freshwater urban gems.

‘Freshwater Bully’ is the latest episode where Henderson shows some hidden gems in urban fishing around Fort Lauderdale. Just don’t expect any secrets to be given up.


“It’s not a game.

Talk about freshwater bully, you think I forgot about you guys in freshwater?

I don’t think so.”


We can see why the locations remain undisclosed.

This ‘Freshwater Bully’ video delivers what you’d expect from Henderson. A lot of passion, character, and drive to get after fish. Henderson is fishing his local Fort Lauderdale areas; he’s not giving up his secret locations and we don’t blame him. Check out THIS STORY for more background on Henderson.

The multiple peacock bass targeted from his kayak are in close proximity to his home. Urban fishing can often be a hidden gem right under our nose and begs the question, ‘What waters do we have within striking distance of home?’ Maybe a spot for a dawn patrol, lunch break or evening session after work. Keep the gear handy and the hooks sharp. The weekend warrior adventures keep our minds exploring possibilities; this is a reminder to see what we can get after in our local areas. See you on the water.


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