Hendo bendo on a tarpon - momentarily.

Hendo bendo on a tarpon – momentarily.

By Mike Stevens

A while back, we ran a story featuring Kwanza ‘Kayaking’ Henderson hauling in a monster bonito under less-than-optimal 'yak-fishing conditions. In this video, ‘Hendo’ once again goes bendo (at least for a minute), this time on a tarpon that he hooked after deciding to fish inshore due to gnarly offshore winds. How inshore? Close enough to draw a little crowd among pedestrians strolling the waterfront and even talk to them during the battle.

This time, Hendo experienced the flip side of fishing with an audience: live witnesses of his angling heartbreak.

All the same, hooking a tarpon within reach of a kid with a cane pole on the dock and the ensuing tarpon tail walk is pretty cool even if it did come unbuttoned.

"Although I didn’t land him, it was a awesome sight to see and fight," Henderson said.

The Rat-L-Trap pro staffer was trolling a ½ ounce chrome/pink Rat-L-Trap when the tarpon struck, and the moment where he had one hand on the rod, the other adjusting his other GoPro camera, and a slow motion tarpon leap in the background is sure to make this one an instant classic.