Kayak Fishing Record Shark Video to Debut Live

A film documenting Joel Abrahamsson

A film documenting Joel Abrahamsson's incredible 1,200-pound world record Greenland shark catch off Norway will debut on Friday, October 31. Photo courtesy Joel Abrahamsson.

By Paul Lebowitz

Joel Abrahamsson accomplished the unthinkable in September when he muscled a gargantuan 1,200 pound Greenland shark to the surface. The catch (by leader touch, with the weight determined by formula) obliterated the previous estimated 400-pound overall kayak fishing record.

A slickly produced 23-minute English language film documenting Abrahamsson’s audacious adventure will debut live on the SportfiskeTV FishEco YouTube channel on Friday, October 31 at 7 pm Central European Time. Considering it is airing on Halloween, the film starring a mysterious sea monster and a wild-haired Viking should be suitably spooky. By my math, that’s 2 pm Eastern and 11 am Pacific, safely before the kiddies start their trick-or-treating.

Abrahamsson, a Jackson Kayak fishing pro, comes across as humble but exuberant. “Seeing myself on film is always hard and sometimes I get very embarrassed,” he said. His favorite part of the film, other than the triumphant ending of course, is one particular Norwegian guy who came along. “No one could understand him but he was just accepted as a part of the [adventure],” he added.

If you can’t wait, check out the trailer: