Ben Roussel wrestles a big jack somewhere offshore of Louisiana.

Ben Roussel wrestles a big jack somewhere offshore of Louisiana. Photo Ben Roussel.

Caught on Film: Jacked Up
By Paul Lebowitz

Caught on Film is a weekly video series featuring fresh footage from you, our fishing friends. Please send us your best and biggest, fresh or saltwater, hook, hoopnet or harpoon, fumbles, fortunes and one-that-got-aways. We’ll select a new clip each week and award each winner with a one-year subscription to the magazine or something else cool pulled from our prize closet. Email for details.

Some days you head out for one fish but another, more powerful crashes the party. Ben Roussel was hunting big speckled trout for a Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing tournament when his first cast with a bone colored Heddon Zara Spook Jr. was hammered.

“I wasn’t really equipped for jacks so it took a little time to bring the fish in. My net wasn’t big enough either so when I went to net the first one I could only get his head in. The topwater got caught in the net and the jack was gone within a few head shakes,” Roussel remembers.

Undaunted he cast out and hooked up another solid jack crevalle. “I brought this one in to the boat quicker as I didn’t feel like wasting all my good topwater trout time on jacks. I put my rod and reel to the test and cranked him in. The rod held surprisingly well and this time I was able to slide the jack in the boat,” he added. He quickly measured it for the BCKFC Master Angler program and resumed his original speck mission.

Ben Roussel gets around. The Louisiana based Jackson Kayak staffer chases fish inshore, on freshwater, with fly or conventional gear – wherever they swim. Follow his adventures on the Mountains to Marsh blog. Catch more of Ben’s videos at his YouTube Channel.