Jim Sammons’ Kayak Surf Launching Techniques

Launching is the easier part of the surf equation, just point and go, go, go. Okay, there’s a little more…

Surf Launching Techniques with Jim Sammons

Words and Photos By Paul Lebowitz

A bad surf launch or landing can cause you to lose more than your lunch, yet it is a trial kayak anglers  gladly face to chase trophy fish. Summertime is prime time for launching off the beach and even the calmest of saltwater shorelines can kick up with some surf when offshore winds point the swell in the right direction.


Jim Sammons of the Kayak Fishing Show stepped in front of the Kayak Fish cameras to share some wisdom. Jim’s well known for venturing into wild water for his shows and, in the first of this two-part feature, he covers the easy part: the launch. Scroll down for photos showing the launch sequence.

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Jim Sammons has been watching the surf as he sets up his boat. He’s looking for the pattern, and watching for lulls.

Jm wades out to knee deep water, ready to hop on and go, go, go when he spots a lull in the waves – usually right after the set swell breaks.

Now that he’s committed, there’s no stopping or hesitation. Jim plants his paddle and powers through oncoming waves.