Better late than never if you grind it out kayak fishing

By Rex “Del Rey” DeGuzman

We've all been there… it's getting late in the day and it's been a slow grind to find the fish. Somewhere between the potential disappointment of not coming out with a solid fish for the trip and the optimism that every cast can be that one cast is what's featured in this video. Your emotions swing between those two extremes with each cast made and each slow retrieve of the lure as you grind it out kayak fishing for the bite that makes it all worth it.

Pictured are the final moments of a two-day kayak fishing trip on a private marsh leash in Louisiana. Robert Field and I joined up with Brent Dominque, Trevor Braun and Shane Curole from Team Hooked on Yak and Jared Leroy of Yakaholics for a weekend of fishing and filming. The Curole's built a houseboat (or is it boat house?) from the hull up – in true Cajun fashion, with plenty of passion, ingenuity and attention to detail. We had the luxury of calling it our home base in marsh paradise.

On day one, the winds were blowing over 25 mph so the fishing was tough and only a couple of fish were caught by both boat and kayak.

The second day, the weather and winds turned around towards perfect conditions and so did our spirits.  But due to the strong northern winds, the tides were the lowest Shane had seen in a long time, and the fish weren't where they were supposed to be.

We would have to hunt them down and there was a lot of marsh to cover.

We came across a few lazy fish during the afternoon and after four sightcasting misses — I finally landed a 17-inch red, the perfect "eatin’ size” according to our Louisiana locals. But more importantly, I broke my skunk from the previous day and relieved some of the pressure.

This video was taken during the second session of the day when Shane Curole mothershipped us to another spot on his lease, dropped us off, and headed back to shut down and close up the boat house.

Robert, Jared and I drifted and worked our way slowly to the pickup point. I moved ahead and fished a little drain in front a narrow canal. As I cast and paddled closer to the drain, I spooked an upper slot Redfish that kicked up some serious mud and pushed a fairly large wake.

Call it instinct, call it luck — something told me to head into that little canal and well, you can see from the video, I’m glad I did.

As kayak anglers, we have many days where the outcome doesn't turn out the way we want. Moments like this, when you're "one more cast" optimism pays off and you land that fish you've been looking for all trip, are the ones you remember forever. You can watch the entire video on the YakFish channel.

Rex DeGuzman pulls it off on a filming expedition to Louisiana with this quality marsh redfish. Credit YakFish

Rex DeGuzman pulls it off on a filming expedition to Louisiana with this quality marsh redfish. Credit YakFish