This can't end well.

This can’t end well. YouTube frame capture.

Gangnam Style Kayak Catapult
By Mike Stevens

Just when you’ve finally gotten to the point where you are no longer hearing (actually hearing, or having it play in your head) that "Gangnam Style" song, these guys go and creatively weave it into a funny kayak fishing video. We apologize for our role in bringing this song back to life.

You've got to hand it to the producers of this video though. With only about a second's worth of entertaining footage of a kayak angler digging the nose of his ‘yak in the sand on beach re-entry creating a plastic/human catapult of sorts, the otherwise boring preamble and aftermath to the event could only be gussied up one way. Employing the viral video beats of "Gangnam Style" (and some well-placed Steve Carell outbursts) was a great method to extend the chuckle-value of this on-the-water footage.

We can only hope that this inspires our readers to share not only big-fish stories, DIY kayak innovations and so on, but also, some dubious and comical moments on the water.

Just pick a different song.

(Sorry Tony)