The hottest new video out on YakAngler is Bowfishing with the Funks, in which the father/son team of Chris and Ethan Funk take host Jameson Redding out on the waters of Alabama for bowfishing on hybrid fishing SUPS.

While it quickly becomes apparent that Chris Funk, a longtime contributor, is the “hot shot” with a bow, it is son Ethan who steps in the spotlight (or whatever kind of light those are they have mounted on the bow of the paddleboards) and sinks an arrow in the biggest fish of the two-night excursions.

Ethan Funk draws a bead on a big carp during YakAngler's Bowfishing with the Funks.

Ethan Funk draws a bead on a big carp during YakAngler’s Bowfishing with the Funks.

As usual when it comes to putting two of paddle sports’ best watermen on camera, the information offered is off top value to anyone who would like to try and get out there and put the hurt on the roughfish that make it tough for other species to thrive. Jameson even explains how they go to the hardware store in between night trips and upgrade the boards used to track down the big carp and gar.

Not one to waste any living creature, Chris Funk is the master chef when it comes to demonstrating how to make everything from gar to suckerfish a treat for the table. The boys set up the picnic table with a gas cooker and go to town frying up what to many folks are trash fish. The verdict? Well you can see that by watching the entire video.

Meanwhile enjoy the fast-paced bowfishing offered in this short clip.