Want to learn the basics of rigging with a dropper loop knot? Fishermen will use this rig to run bait or jigs close to the bottom, and can design different variations to target multiple species. It can also work in deep water as it focuses the line down and allows your bait to run sideways, above the weight, in a natural 'swimming motion.'

The basic design uses a dropper loop knot tied approximately two feet above your weight using standard mono line. Adjusting the weight size and distance between weight and loop will alter performance. Anglers can then use any variety of jig or live bait on a short leader line attached to the loop with a swivel. The swivel is nice, as it allows your bait to spin underwater, creating a natural motion; a swivel on the bottom end of the tag line enables easy weight changes.

As with many fishing rigs, experimentation is key. Try different combinations of weight, jigs, and baits to see what works best. Yes, the rig can be cumbersome to cast (and can tangle easily), so most kayak anglers prefer to utilize the rig by simply dropping it off kayak’s side, letting the weight pull the rig down, the spinning swivel tied to the dropper loop doing the fish-attracting work.

Filmed on a WASPcam in Washington state’s Lake Entiat.