Uh oh. Rod approaching the breaking point. Facebook frame capture, Kayakfishin Prof.

Uh oh. Rod approaching the breaking point. Facebook frame capture, Kayakfishin Prof.

By Mike Stevens

We all have experienced losing a big fish. Farming one when it's almost within reach is about as heartbreaking as it gets, but it's okay to occasionally entertain oneself with another angler's devastation right? At least once for every fish lost.

It's the circle of pain.

If you want to get right to the drama, fast forward to 12:15 mark.

What we have here is a guy with a big fish on – which they later identify as a cobia – his buddy, and ultimately some looky-loos who couldn't contain themselves and just HAD to mosey on over.

Now, his partner plays it like a champ by keeping quiet save for the occasional tidbit of moral support and some light banter here and there to take the edge off. He helps keep his buddy's kayak in a good position for fighting the fish, so it's one less thing he has to worry about while the battle drags on. The buddy-boater also makes sure the GoPro camera is doing its job, because both of these kids know that this is not the type of fight they are used to.

The tandem 'yak appears before the halfway point of the video and paddles right up on the side of the boats where tug-o-war is happening, at one point close enough to actually touch the bow of the kid's 'yak.

As the cobia surfaces close to the boat, the buddies get ready to gaff the thing, and it makes one more surge downward. It's hard to watch as that rod gets bent 180 degrees for a few seconds before snapping, and you can feel the shock, then panic, then despair in a matter of seconds as the wheels come off.

The peanut-gallery on the nosey boat is the worst, however. When the rod snaps, the fish is still attached, and the angler doesn't know if it's over, or if he should just grab the line and Old-Man-and-the-Sea it on to his boat. The intruder yells "keep reeling!" – which actually wasn't bad advice – but when some dude that you don't even know starts barking instructions at you seconds before it all falls apart, guess who your least favorite person in the world is going to be at that moment.

The video ends with the kid just starting to light him up as he paddles off. It was the kayak fishing version of a poker playing folding his hand, then calling someone's bluff when his money is no longer on the line.