Dave Lamoureux leans hard against a giant bluefin tuna's charge.

Dave Lamoureux leans hard against a giant bluefin tuna’s charge. Photo Dave Lamoureux

Caught on Film: Freight Train Blues
A blistering bluefin tuna sleigh ride
By Paul Lebowitz

Caught on Film is a weekly video series featuring fresh footage from you, our fishing friends. Please send us your best and biggest, fresh or saltwater, hook, hoopnet or harpoon, fumbles, fortunes and one-that-got-aways. We’ll select a new clip each week and award each winner with a one-year subscription to the magazine or something else cool pulled from our prize closet. Email editor@kayakfishmag.com for details.

Dave Lamoureux is singularly daring. For years, he’s been the only kayak angler motivated enough to launch from Cape Cod’s dunes to paddle miles out onto the cold, current-riven Atlantic, domain of bluefin tuna giants as large as 1,000 pounds.

In November 2009, he tamed a 157 pounder, at the time the largest tuna ever landed solo from a kayak. But the story doesn’t always end so well. In this riveting video, the immense power of these fish is obvious. Lamoureux’s kayak tears across the water at astonishing speed, the fastest sleigh ride I’ve ever seen.

Lamoureux says his unconventional approach demands specialized equipment. After tearing up commercially available gear, the metal commodities broker chose to craft his own. He calls his tackle company Fortitude Fishing.

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