Now that's a quiver!

Now that's a quiver! Photo: Kendal Larson

The Right Tool(s) for the Job
By Kendal Larson

Charlie Ganoe of Jacksonville, Florida is head honcho for the Drag On Fishing Team, and is a man on a mission, which is catching fish. The array of rods he festoons upon his kayak make it appear that he’s erected some sort of complex antennae array. But as a tournament angler who’s out to win, and does, he knows what it takes. His most recent 4th place finish at the 2012 Casting for a Cause tournament in Corpus Christi, TX is proof of this.

Ganoe explains, "When I’m tournament fishing, I generally have a good idea where the redfish are and need a quick bite, so I use this setup with crabs and mullet. Meanwhile, I’m casting with artificials for trout and flounder."

Charlie is quick to point out he doesn’t always fish this way. "We just this past weekend fished a sheephead tournament, and for that I went light, just carrying two rods," he quipped.

The right tool(s) for the job.

His ability to go gear-heavy or lighten up to suit species or conditions making him a successful tournament angler has garnered him recognition, and he’s currently being sponsored by Jackson Kayaks of Sparta, Tennessee.