Cold weather is creeping in, make sure your gear is ready.


An old friend told me once that it’s never a bad day to be on the water, you just need the correct gear for the mission and elements. From my experience, that’s been the truth far more times than not.

Winter is on the horizon, and the temps are dropping quickly. Time to break out the winter gear, except for you lucky anglers down in S. Florida and SELA. In other coastal and inland zones fishing is still productive, but the weather often does not cooperate with our desires for bluebird skies.


Kayak fishing in Washington State with Jesse Coble.

If a gasket on your dry wear is not functional, every time you place your hand down in the water the chances of getting water inside your jacket increases. Water getting in your sleeve can reach your body reducing core temperature and comfort level.

Worst-case scenario is a kayak flip that submerses you fully into the water. If the weather dictates, I hope you’ve listened and are wearing proper gear like a drysuit with functional gaskets. Hypothermia is no joke and can set in rapidly in cold water. Dress for the temperature of the water, not the air.

This video does a great job of breaking down every product you need to complete drysuit gasket repair on your own. To get right to the point, skip ahead to 2:20.

If the task is above your comfort level, your local paddlesports retailer should be able to finish the gasket repair. This is a low-cost fix and should only take a day or two.


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