Check out this easy-to-tie knot for fluorocarbon!

Berkley’s Gary Klein has a great knot tying tip for you. All the top bass fishermen around the world are using flurocarbon either as a leader in combination with braided or mono main lines or in one of the formulations of fluorocarbon designed to fish as both a mainline and invisible leader.

Fluorocarbon has its own unique properties that can make for some tricky knot tying if you don’t have some tricks up your sleeve yourself.  Klein said this is particularly true when it comes to using fluoro line in combination with hard baits such as the crankbait shown in this video.

Watch the video a couple times and then give the knot a try yourself. Note that Klein says you should end up with three tag ends to trim. Then head out on your kayak and start chucking those cranks. Pre-spawn bass love to jump on the crankbaits ripped along the banks. Have fun.

Legendary bass pro and Berkley pro staffer shows off this great knot perfect for connecting to hard baits.

Berkley’s Gary Klein is a legendary bass pro and shows us how to tie a knot perfect for connecting fluorocarbon to hard baits.