While there are early indications — one of the strongest El Niño conditions in history, for example — that the Mountain West will see abundant snow, lakes and reservoirs across the Cascades, Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains have been at record lows.

Such was the case at one Rocky Mountain lake in the shadow of Pike’s Peak when a kayak trout fisherman decided the steep bank left by receding waters was the perfect setup for a beach launch. As the bold kayaker got ready to go, his friend started recording a video on his camera, backing away the whole time.

The kayaker sees this and asks his buddy if he is running the video because he expects him to fail. The friend says yes and if you listen closely you can hear strangers off camera also telling the adventurer it’s a bad idea.

But there is no stopping the beach launch kayaker at this point, even though the first bump he gives the kayak barely budges the boat, which opens the way for more comments. Undeterred, the kayaker gives it a few more solid butt bumps and takes off…

…it’s a pretty spectacular nosedive and everybody laughs but it looks like the kayak fisherman might have pulled it off. Then he turns to paddle towards shore and there is so much water in the bow that he is about an inch from filling up completely.

You have to hand it to the guy, he backs his way into the bank calmly, albeit hooting a bit about the chill surrounding his lower body, and his buddy has to admit, “I think you came out of that better than I thought you would!”

A slope to steep? This kayaker thinks it's the perfect launch ramp.

A slope to steep? This kayaker thinks it’s the perfect launch ramp.