The Viking Pro 400 now comes in four color options, including

The Viking Pro 400 now comes in four color options, including Coral and Aurora, and all Viking Kayaks sold in the U.S. come with a 30-year warranty. Courtesy photo

Relaunch of Viking Kayaks USA

Viking Kayaks USA announced that Viking Kayaks purchased in the US will now receive the same 30-year warranty as is offered in their country of origin, New Zealand. Viking has also expanded its dealer presence to the West Coast and hired Kendal Larson as national brand manager.

“We felt it important to demonstrate to the kayakers in the United States that the Viking Kayaks offered here are the same great quality as the boats purchased in New Zealand because they ARE the same boats. So, it only seemed right that we offer the 30-year warranty,”said Bill Bragman, president of Yak Gear, the national distributor for Viking Kayaks in the U.S. “Viking Kayaks are top of the line, made with a liner polyethylene that’s higher quality than many of the boats out there,”

In addition to the 30-year warranty announcement, Yak Gear also introduced a new website to support sales in the United States. Bragman described the new site as “a great place to go to find information on individual boats, a place to register your kayaks after purchase, and the best place to find Viking Kayaks USA dealer nearest you.” The website address for the new site is

A new warranty and new website in the U.S. isn’t the only news. Viking Kayaks now offers three color blends, so kayakers will see a variety of new color mixes available.

“The new Profish 400 is now offered with a yellow, red and black blend called ‘Coral’ which is a great example of how these 3-color blends can add a unique look to the boats,” said Bragman.

To top it off, the kayaks sport a new, updated logo.

To celebrate, Viking Kayaks USA crafted a clever video that shows the ‘new’ Vikings have landed on U.S. shores again.

The reason Viking is in the US in the first place is Yak Gear’s Bragman personally paddled the watercraft and was so excited he had to introduce the Viking to the paddling public in the States. Since 2014, Yak Gear has expanded their dealer network throughout the U.S., along the East Coast, the Gulf Coast, and now the West Coast.

In late 2015, Yak Gear said they were pleased to bring aboard Kendal Larson as the national brand manager for Viking Kayaks USA.

Kendal comes from a long line of paddlers, having traced his heritage back to the very first king of Norway, and believes he has Viking blood in his veins. He plied the waters of northern Minnesota in a canoe while growing up, paddled in Germany off and on while stationed there with the United States Air Force, and later began slicing through the salt flats of Texas. He has dipped a paddle in Mexican, Canadian, German, and Fijian waters, and plans on expanding that list.

Kendal brings a combination of business acumen and paddling passion to the position, with industry-specific experience to boot. You’ve likely seen his photography and writing in any of the kayak or fishing specific publications through the years. He’s also a PADI IDC staff scuba instructor and a founding member of Heroes on the Water.

Kendal believes strongly that the way to renew the soul is via outdoor activities, and if they include water, so much the better.