The fourth edition of Kayak Fish Video Magazine is online now!

The fourth edition of Kayak Fish Video Magazine is online now!

KFVM4 is up and offers another rapid fire collection of kayak fishing videos covering a wide range of locations, the latest in kayaks, products and techniques! There’s nothing else like Kayak Fish Video Magazine on the Web that packs such a kayak fishing punch.

Brought to Kayak Fish viewers by our generous sponsors Ocean Kayak, Old Town Canoes and Kayaks, Wilderness Systems, NRS, Jackson Kayak and Bending Branches, KFVM4 starts off with photographer/videographer Jeff Fortuna discussing with Morgan Promnitz how they worked together to score a Kayak Fish cover shot that captures a sailfish at “full mast” underwater while still getting Promnitz and his kayak into the frame.

Jerry McBride takes a first look at the Tarpon 130X equipped with the new Helix MD pod that encases the electric-drive propulsion system.

Next, Jeff Little of Tight Line Junkie Journal fame, who is a Wilderness Systems pro staffer and has been involved in the R&D of their MotorDrive kayaks, uses the power on his kayak to get hammered by a double hookup on burly Chesapeake Bay striped bass. Then he uses the convenience of the electric drive to revive the giant striper he ends up bringing to his kayak.

Chef Funk is back at it with an easy to make shrimp bake recipe that Kayak Fish editors have personally tested and highly approve!

Then Robert Field of YakFish TV gives us a teaser of his upcoming video on a demanding and rewarding 100-mile canoe trip up the Adirondack River that braved rapids and long portages to gain access to prime smallmouth bass and pike waters.

Jerry McBride is back to show off Egret Lures’ Mambo Mullet, a high-action swimbait that requires no more than a cast and retrieve to grab the attention of biting fish.

Topping of this round of KFVM4 the father and son team of Chris and Ethan Funk display their amazing balance and accuracy with some bowfishing action that includes some incredible underwater shots. The Funks shoot only rough fish like carp and bowfin and make sure it all goes to good use as food or fertilizer. Still, while spearfishing seems to be generally accepted, bowfishing upsets some folks. So you don’t have to watch it if that’s the way you feel. You’ve been warned.