By Mike Stevens

Lake Guntersville in Alabama stands as one of the premier largemouth fisheries in North America, and it deservedly played host to fishing's biggest competitive stage, the Bassmaster Classic in 2014. This video has all the components of an award winner: an elite fishery, stunning slow-motion footage and detailed cinematography, topwater strikes and kayaks.

In many types of fishing–bass fishing especially–nothing beats a topwater strike, and if a basser would take that a step further, nothing beats fishing frogs on top. The featured angler in this video, Chad Hoover of Wilderness Systems Kayak Bassin couldn't make that point any clearer than when he says "Coming to Guntersville and not frog fishing would be like going to a NASCAR race and not having a beer."

In this short film, Hoover does what many amateur fishing filmmakers can't pull off, and that is minimizing the jibber-jabber and letting the action and the production value speak for itself. The result is a tremendous video that should quickly earn "instant classic" status as something that ANY angler can take in and get fired up about.