Kayak Fish Magazine

Wahoo are found in warm water all over the planet and are one of the gnarliest fish out there. One of the top three fastest swimmers in the sea, they are highly prized by anglers for their aggression, drag-scorching initial runs and table fare. There is actually video of these bullets jumping over 10 feet out of the water to grab a bait temporarily hoisted out of the water by the kite they are being fished under.

Well, a 42.7 kilogram (94 pound) wahoo caught by angler Jason Jearey caught off Durban, South Africa will not only stand as a kayak record – which is an unofficial but pretty reliably tracked collection – but it also beats the largest wahoo caught in South Africa by seven kilograms. Jearey said since he is not a member of a club, it cannot stand as the official record, however.

According to Jeary, the 'hoo took a live massbanker (which is a big mackerel found in those waters) that was pinned to a 6X VMC treble hook, and on a 50-pound fluorocarbon leader. He was targeting tuna when the torpedo took his offering, and the fight lasted just under a half hour from hookup to gaff.

When a wahoo's speed, aggression, and well, teeth, are combined with the primitive nature of kayak fishing and great white shark infested waters of South Africa, you're talking about a pretty extreme situation. At the same time, it's just one more milestone exhibiting how far the sport has come, how fast it's growing, and how anything is possible in a little plastic boat.

Lucky for Jearey, this fish was pretty well wiped when it came to gaff and he didn't have a 94-pound, writhing collection of teeth on his lap.