RockyMounts reps claim their new Ouray Crossbar is nice and quiet.

RockyMounts reps claim their new Ouray Crossbar is nice and quiet. Courtesy photo.

RockyMounts Claims Its Crossbars Don’t Scream
By Paul Lebowitz

I don’t know about you. My rack crossbars do the job, but they scream as if they are possessed. RockyMounts claims their new Ouray crossbars have licked the noise generator. We’ll see. According to company representative Don Stefanovich, they are kayak-worthy (not just for skis and bikes), with a weight capacity of 165 pounds. That’s enough for a PA 14 (if you want a workout).

RockyMount’s release:

BOULDER, CO (March 12, 2014) – RockyMounts, the innovative Boulder based car-rack systems manufacturer, introduces the Ouray Crossbar and Flagstaff Towers, offering a low-profile, low-drag mounting solution for bike and ski racks capable of seamlessly integrating with most vehicle's factory roof rails to enhance appearance, decrease wind noise and increase fuel efficiency.

"This new system represents another step forward for us in terms of not only carrying your gear, but enhancing your vehicle in the process," said Bruno Maier, President of RockyMounts, Inc. "Just because you like to play outside, doesn't mean you should have to compromise efficiency and aesthetics when it comes to your vehicle."

Named after two of the staff's favorite outdoor destinations, the Flagstaff and Ouray are designed to be mounted together as a seamless system, but are compatible with other combinations of RockyMounts base rack systems and will be sold separately.

The Ouray Crossbar features an organic design that creates the perfect combination of strength and aerodynamics, and is crafted from durable non-corrosive black anodized aluminum for a pro look. The Ouray will be available in five lengths ranging from 44 to 60 inches, ensuring the right fit for your vehicle, whether your goal is a flush and sleek appearance or maximum rooftop real estate. The Ouray is engineered with thick-wall construction to be stronger than the competition to make sure it's up to the task, no matter what kind of gear your next adventure requires. The Ouray retails for $149.95.

The Flagstaff Towers feature an industrial strength contoured contact pad and strap for easy and secure mounting to any raised factory or aftermarket side-rails, regardless of size or shape. Pretty where it counts—even if you can't see it—the Flagstaff features powder coated internals for greater durability and corrosion resistance. A pivoting attached door allows easy installation and the ability to lock the system to your side rails with the addition of RockyMounts lock cores. The Flagstaff retails for $179.95.

The RockyMounts Ouray Crossbar and Flagstaff Towers will be available for shipment and purchase in June 2014.