Riot Baits' Fuzzy Beaver has an "alternate ridge design," giving the bait a subtle flutter.

Riot Baits’ Fuzzy Beaver has an “alternate ridge design,” giving the bait a subtle flutter.

By Mike Stevens

We may have reached – or are at least close to reaching – the point where the creature bait market has reached a saturation point, where companies will have to get downright scientific to set their baits apart from the pack. Riot Baits may very well be leading that charge with their new Fuzzy Beaver flipping bait unveiled for ICAST 2014 after almost two years of development.

Funny in name but serious in innovation, the Fuzzy Beaver features Riot Baits' patent-pending "Alternate Ridge Design," which gives its claws the "subtle flutter" that gives bass and other target species something a little different to look at. It could be the key to getting bit on heavily pressured watersheds.

The bait also features a serrated body that traps and releases air bubbles, and legs that provide constant movement, even when the bait is at rest.

Freshwater bass guys are sure to be the first to get their mitts on this 4.2-inch bait, but it's only a matter of time before inshore saltwater anglers who like to fish around kelp beds and weeds are rigging this guy on a weedless leadhead or as a trailer to a skirted jig and putting in some coastal work.