At first glance, the aLoksak from Loksak products look like a glorified Ziploc bag, because when it comes down to it, that's exactly what they are. But in the kayak fishing world, function trumps all and keeping everything simple is the name of the game. If it weren't, we wouldn't be so interested in PVC pipe and milk crates now would we?

There are always things that have to stay dry; maps, licenses, wallet, phone, camera, etc. Regular old sandwich bags have done the job for the most part, but stepping up to a Loksak is kicking things up a notch in terms of peace of mind, and for minimal investment.

Loksak's founder is an avid SCUBA diver and the products are the result of months of dedication, research and testing. They are not only designed keep water out, but they also fend off dust, humidity and air. Naturally, they are used across a diverse set of applications in civilian, outdoor, law enforcement and military environments. So, it's safe to say they will more than fit the bill for even the most serious 'yak angler.

The Made in the USA bags are reusable and certified waterproof down to 200 feet, they come in a wide array of sizes ranging from fishing license size up to a monster measuring right around 12 x 48 inches. They are available with holes punched in the top so a lanyard can be employed if the user would like to wear it around his neck. Out of curiousity, I put my smartphone inside a Loksak and I was able to fully-utilize apps, the camera and the phone.

I discovered these things at the ICAST show in Orlando this summer, and as someone always searching for simple, inexpensive, Made in the USA products that would make an immediate impact on efficiency on the water, I was quite impressed by these things.

For more information, visit Loksak.com