MC Weedless An All Terrain Swimbait

MC Weedless Swimbaits Great In Heavy Cover and Open Water

By Rich Holland


Developed in the heart of Southern California’s saltwater kayak fishing grounds of La Jolla, Corey Sanden’s MC Weedless is the choice of kayak anglers who like to throw swimbaits deep into cover to catch everything from bull calico bass to lunker largemouth.

The MC Weedless fishes great in deep cover and swims in open water.

The MC Weedless comes in both 5 and 7 inch sizes and was designed to be fished in the same thick kelp as Sanden’s oversize Slug. The Slug is an amazing big fish attractor in it’s own right, but requires an extremely heavy outfit (a pool-cue rod and 80-pound test!) to fish.

Not only can kayakers use a conventional swimbait stick to fish the MC Weedless, the Weedless is designed to swim consistently in open water regardless of retrieve speed, resulting in bites from followers and fish hovering next to submerged cover. Combined with a weighted wide gap hook, the MC Weedless has an extremely high hookup rate. As noted, while designed for fishing coastal kelp, the MC Weedless swimbaits easily crossover into freshwater trophy fishing. You can find more information on all the MC baits and where to buy them on the MC Swimbaits site.

Once out of the thick cover the MC Weedless has a fish-attracting swimming motion.