Masterlock Python Keeps ‘Em Honest

Keep an Honest Man Honest with Masterlock Python

Kayakers like to launch from remote places and often take road trips to the best fishing destinations. That means their gear is often left outside exposed to those folks in the world that feel that the best way to get something is take it away from someone else.

Now dedicated thiefs can pretty much work their way around even the best security setups, but that doesn’t mean that kayakers should just trust to the good will of the rest of the population and leave quality tackle and boats up for grabs.


Vinyl-coated steel cable that fits through tight holes combines with a cinching, locking hub to make up the Masterlock Python.

Traveling with quality kayaking gear is all about keeping an honest man honest and an effective and easy method Chris Funk has found is the Masterlock Python system. As you can watch in the video, the Python is literally a snake-like security rig that runs reinforced and vinyl-coated steel cable through a locking system that features a one-way cinching mechanism.

The security cords come in 12- and 20-foot lengths and you can purchase an optional second locking hub that can be keyed with the same key as the other hub. It’s a quick, clean and tight way to secure you coolers, boxes and boat. Check out the video for Chris’s quick description and go to the Masterlock website for more information.

In this latest gear video from Chris Funk, Chris shows us the utility of the Masterlock Python system.