LiveTarget released seven new freshwater and three saltwater lines to their already extensive inventory of computer-generated, precision replicated lures—among them a Dace and Yellow Perch, a variety of Baitballs, and a freshwater Goby for the walleye and smallmouth bass anglers. The three I instantly zeroed in on were a Glass Minnow Twitchbait Baitball and a beautiful line of 4- and 6-inch Cigar Minnows in casting and trolling models.



And if you like fishing hollow-body frogs (Is there a more fun bass bait?), the new Hollow Body Sunfish rigged with double weedless Trokar hooks looks like a riot to fish the lily pads. Apparently I wasn't alone in liking this lure—it was selected Best of Show in the soft plastic competition. LiveTarget's Richard Brouwer walks us through the new models.