Cleared for Takeoff: Danuu’s WingMan Accessory Pack

Danuu WingMan Accessory Pack


A wingman can be a fighter pilot who covers your six, a trusted sidekick at a singles bar, and now a bombproof seat back organizer for your kayak. Danuu's WingMan Accessory Pack keeps everything a paddler could need organized, secure and within reach. Stitched of tough Cordura fabric, the WingMan turns any high-back kayak seat into a well-ordered base station. The WingMan takes all the accessories that made Danuu's Pacific Angler Fishing Kayak Seat a cult classic for kayak anglers and marries them to the new generation of ultra-comfy kayak seats. The pack attaches easily to metal-framed kayak seats by means of four pull straps, placing the WingMan's twin holsters--ideal for water bottles, sunscreen and tools--in easy reach of the paddler. Two vertical tubes accept nets, gaffs or rods, and the dual-zip center pocket is perfect for tackle boxes, valuables or lunch. Quick-release clips allow the paddler to easily remove the loaded WingMan after a day on the water, keeping it ready for rapid redeployment whenever the urge to paddle strikes. Because a good wingman is always ready for the next mission.