The Boonedox Drifter portable hammock stand takes comfort on the go.

The Boonedox Drifter portable hammock stand takes comfort on the go. Photo by Josh Maintland.

The Boonedox Drifter
Kayak-size, this portable hammock stand is comfort on the go
By Jose Chavez

I don't know if it was the countless hours of my childhood spent on the beach lounging in a hammock or my friend Chris Ravelo raving about how comfortable it was to camp out of a hammock over a tent that sparked my curiosity about the Boonedox Drifter portable hammock stand. With a camping/kayaking trip two weeks ahead of me, I decided to pull the trigger and put it to the test.

The Drifter packs into a carry back that is a little larger than your average lawn chair and is fairly compact. I stash it in the tankwell on my Pro Angler. I do have to say that it is a bit heavier than expected at 26 pounds, but the comfort it brought to my trip was well worth the tradeoff.

Assembly required no instructions; it can be put together in minutes with no hassle. The segments of the Drifter lock into place with the same push button mechanism found on most kayak paddles. Afterwards, just clip the two carabineers on the end of the hammock to the ends of the Drifter and you are ready to kick back. Setting up the rainfly and bug net was also painless and required less than a couple minutes. If you ever have to set up camp in a hurry or in the dark, you will be happy you have a Drifter; I was sitting by the campfire well before my friends that were still setting up their tents.

When it comes to the product's intended use, which is sleeping, I can summarize my experience in one sentence: It is the most comfortable sleep I have had while camping. Previously, I’d sleep on a sleeping bag backed by a Thermarest Prolite 4 pad. This is better. If I don't have to do much hiking between my kayak/car/boat and the campsite, I will always opt to use the Drifter.

Since the Everglades trip the Drifter has had much more use than I expected. I have used it to take breaks during slack tides on long days of fishing, pretty much every trip to the beach I have taken since its acquisition, it has even made an appearance at an outdoor concert where it served perfectly as a bench seat for two, and is now a permanent fixture in my back porch.

This product gets two thumbs up in my book.

The Boonedox Drifter