Stand or Sit: The Optimus offers options

Stand or Sit: The Optimus offers options

By Jerry McBride

A series of plug-and-play options allows owners of the Bending Branches Angler paddle to quickly and economically transform the paddle to other needs. The Angler Optimus stand-up grip extension lets kayakers mix and match parts to create a single-blade stand-up paddle, an 8-foot pushpole or stakeout pole, or a 12-foot push or stakeout pole.

The 37-inch (including snap-in handle) Bending Branches Optimus stand-up attachment turns a current BB Angler paddle into an 82-inch stand-up paddle. Price: $60

The 8-foot pole package turns a BB Angler paddle into a stand-up paddle, 8-foot pushpole, or 8-foot stakeout pole. Price: $120

Want it all? The 12-foot pole package converts the Angler to a stand-up paddle, 12-foot pushpole, 12-foot stakeout pole, or 8-foot push or stakeout pole. Price: $160

Options? You want options?