By Rex DeGuzman (aka Rex Del Rey)

Why Do I Kayak Fish?

About three years ago, I bought a GoPro and a kayak. My life has been a whirlwind ever since. Kayak fishing literally has changed my life. On a primitive level, it reconnected me with my islander roots. My grandfather was a commercial fisherman in the Philippines. He was hardcore, fishing in Manila Bay during WWII with Japanese planes flying over head. This is how he kept his family fed and made money, during a time when most people in the country had no job, money or food.

I get heritage fishing. So much so, I often get uncomfortable at times with concept of pure "sports" fishing and the catch and release purist. I'm also trying to make a living by fishing, but I have to actually catch the fish AND make sure I catch it on film too.

In a kayak you are intimately close to the water and the fish. On the level of the personality required, kayak fishing is for the DOer, the fiercely independent, the adventurer, a person who believes that the outcome is up to them and they WANT it that way.


Rex Del Rey says a kayak takes you anywhere the fish are — and that’s where he wants to be.

Kayak fishing is a lifestyle that plays to that personality, you throw the yak on your vehicle and you hit the road, then hit the water. You pick your water, you pick your quarry, you pick your strategy – you are in complete control.

Kayak fishermen are engaged and in action well before the trip, and well into the adventure. If you don't catch fish, well at least you went kayaking and that ain't that bad. Either way, it puts you into the moment, in the present, in the NOW – when you are kayak fishing, you are ALIVE.

That's what I wanted to share by making with this video. Pushing off in a kayak to go fishing is not just a hobby, it’s about personality — showing what type of person you are.

Editor’s Note: Rex DeGuzman is a new contributor to First and foremost a kayak angler, Rex is also a co-founder of YakFish TV. Check out his complete “Why I Kayak Fish” video.