Courtesy photo, That's Knot Right.

Courtesy photo, That’s Knot Right.

By Paul Lebowitz

The TV-MA rating that flashes on the screen makes it immediately clear. Chad Hoover’s new That’s Knot Right Carbon TV web series is like nothing the sport has ever seen.

Want a taste before you click play? Here’s a selection of the crazy stuff Hook 1 owner Chad says during the pilot episode of his new reality show, based around his store in the same way Pawn Stars is centered around the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop:

As he sips his morning coffee while relaxing in a hotel lobby: “If you’re like me every nickel counts. Why spend $3 or 4 on a cup of coffee when there are thousands of gallons of coffee poured out at every hotel in the country? Free Joe, hotel lobbies all over the country. The key is to just look confident.”

As he tries on a dayglo hat: “I still feel like a glow in the dark condom reservoir tip.” (continued below)

“I don't have a wife any more. I was cured of that ailment.”

When Danica Honeycutt, a curvy young blond country singer stops by the shop: “The thing about Danica, she's a great person. She was raised in the church. Her father's a minister. She has a really big heart and an unbelievable amazing … voice.”

On Mindy, the personal trainer he visits: “I came up with a really cool brand that she has since decided not to go with but that I thought was genius… Mindy Isaac's Lifestyle Fitness. I told her we could market it as MILF. She didn't like that.”

Moments later a close-up of Chad's (presumed) butt crack flashes across the screen as he exercises.

As his personal trainer uses her foot to massage a cramp out of his upper thigh: “That shouldn't feel this good. Not with my clothes on.”

I’ll let That’s Knot Right producer Ken Whiting take it from here.

“Spending a day with Chad is like watching a hybrid version of Duck Dynasty, TOSH.0, and Shark Tank. [It’s a] funny and largely uncensored look at the incredible day-to-day life of one of the most entertaining, ambitious, and polarizing figures in the whole outdoor industry,” says Whiting.