2012 IFA Championship winner Benton Parrott is primed for international competition.

2012 IFA Championship winner Benton Parrott is ready for international competition. Courtesy photo.

Team USA (plus one Canadian) is headed to Australia for a world-class kayak fishing throw-down against 15 other national teams. Several on the US / Canadian fish-hunting squad are proven winners, boasting tournament honors from across North America.

Hobie’s Fishing World Championship will be contested Down Under this year from October 30 through November 3, over a little gamester the home-standing Aussies call bream. Let’s get to know some of the US / Canadian team. -KF

Meet Team USA’s Benton Parrott (Plus One Canadian)
2012 IFA Champion Headed to the Hobie Worlds

As Told To Paul Lebowitz

I won the 2012 IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Championship in Chalmette, LA. It is a 2-day CPR event based on the length of your best Redfish and speckeled trout. I was able to bring in some great fish both days working off of my fishing partner Brendan Bayard’s knowledge of Louisiana.

I am very excited and honored to be able to represent Team USA and Hobie in this event. This will be my first time leaving the country.

I’m told [bream] are a lot like sheephead. We will be fishing extremely light tackle using small crank baits and soft plastics to lure them from the depths to come play. Previous Worlds competitor Jose Chavez has told me to learn to retie all my knots using 3-pound fluorocarbon. Using such small line will be tricky!

I am shooting to catch three fish each day and then try and upgrade to larger fish. I am going against some great anglers so I am just looking to be competitive.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped me to make this trip happen, including my parents Carl and Sue Jones who will be watching my son while I am in Australia.

Kayak pro Parrott fishes for Hobie, Saltwater Assassin, Everything Kayak and many more. He is active on the Kayak Fishing U Facebook page.

Hobie's worldy anglers will compete in identically rigged Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14's outfitted with Lowrance electronics, Ram Mounting Systems and Power-Pole micro-anchors. Live weigh-ins will take place on each of the three days of competition with anglers weighing three fish per day. Follow the action on the web at Hobiefishingworlds.com.

Meet Bullet Catcher, Parrott’s Hobie Worlds USA teammate.