Uyeda Brothers Notch a Makahiki Marlin

Uyeda Brothers Notch a Makahiki Marlin. Photo courtesy Kevin Uyeda.

Monster: The Uyeda Brothers Notch a Makahiki Pro Marlin

The trophy-hunting Hawaii school teachers continue to prove the TI is a catchy ride
As Told to Ben Duchesney

I had heard the Uyeda brothers were having luck recently finding their target fish: marlin. Not novices by any means, I tracked down the duo to hear about their latest adventure from a few weeks back. Here is what Kevin Uyeda (the older brother) had to say. -BD

"We went marlin hunting (while we were supposed to be at work…cough, cough) and as luck would have it, we took a big strike and line started peeling off our Tiagra. We cleared our lines and got ready for a battle…little did we know that this battle would last over 3 1/2 hours. It would tax our bodies and the leader, which eventually broke when the marlin got his second wind right at the kayak and started head shakes and jumping away from us.

Totally spent and depressed, we started our long journey to shore. Gareth told me to run lines while we were going back to shore so we could salvage our AquaHunter Makahiki Tournament day with a fish on the way in. I set up a swimming lure on one line and the PredaPro trolling lure with a dead opelu (mackerel scad). Minutes later our Fin-Nor spinner started SCREAMING! I looked back and saw our second marlin for the day bursting. Runs; jumps; shakes; the battle was on again!

At around one hour into the battle the marlin started doing circles, so we thought he was done, but all of a sudden, we think, he saw us on the Tandem Island and he screamed out a bunch of line. Finally at the 1:30 mark we had leader again, sunk our gaff in, grabbed the bill and gills and hoisted the marlin onto our trampoline. It weighed in at 130 pounds. 64 pounds short of our personal best, but it fed a bunch of our family, friends and neighbors!"

What else is catching off Oahu? Chompy!