Kayak Fish Video Magazine Set to Debut! – Best kayakers from around the U.S. and the world show their stuff

Best kayakers from around the U.S. and the world show their stuff

The first issue of the monthly Kayak Fish Video Magazine is set to debut soon in both standard website and mobile views and features the top names in the sport of kayak fishing chasing game fish in both the salt and fresh water, with plenty of surprise features and great tips for the kayak fishing community.

We’re talking Robert Field, Jim Sammons, Isaac Brumaghim, Morgan Promnitz, Jerry McBride and Chris Funk grabbing the video and putting it out there accompanied by an astounding wealth of kayak fishing information.

Isaac Brumaghim, the original Aquahunter, brings a true view of Hawaii kayak fishing. Photo Isaac Brumaghim.

Check out this sizzle reel to get just a taste of what you will see in Kayak Fish Video Magazine -- action, action, boats, action, recipes, action, tips on getting the big ones into the boat, more action and even solid advice on not getting eaten by alligators and sharks!


Molded into a single 25-minute TV show of the best of kayak fishing, each and every segment of the monthly Kayak Fish Video Magazine can be viewed separately simply with a click on the KFVM home page. The approach we recommend is to watch the entire show -- your boss will never know -- at once and then visit the separate stories individually to concentrate on one great scene after another!

Robert Field is willing to tackle any fish, anywhere! He takes you on a journey to monster alligator gar and teaches you how to bring big fish to the boat. Robert Field photo

This first edition of Kayak Fish Video Magazine features Robert Field getting his initial taste of giant alligator gar in the rivers of East Texas, while famed Aquahunter Isaac Brumhagim guides viewers to a beautiful mahi mahi in the pristine waters of Hawaii.

Jerry McBride is a master of kayak fishing both skinny and deep waters for snook, trout and redfish! Photo Jerry McBride

Kayaking legend and boat designer Jim Sammons details the fishing functionality of the perfectly-sized offshore shredder Kraken 13.5, his latest creation for Jackson Kayak. Kayak Fish Editor Jerry McBride shows how he customizes LiveTarget bass lures to make it easy to both catch and release bull reds.

Rob Field pops up again with a couple of great shorts touting the best way to fight big game fish from a kayak and the amazing versatility of the Action Hat that mounts everything from Go Pros and Garmins to your smart phones in five positions on a floating ball cap.

Everyone’s favorite redneck Chris Funk offers a compelling video that shows how his deep understanding of the swamps has taught him how to coexist with the healthy population of Southeastern Conference gators!

Kayak Fishing Video Magazine is show you won’t want to miss and it will be coming to you monthly right here!

Thanks to all our great sponsors for supporting the debut of Kayak Fish Video Magazine!