Justin Carter, 2011 IFA Series Champion, Looks to Win the Hobie Worlds

Justin Carter, 2011 IFA Series Champion, Looks to Win the Hobie Worlds. Courtesy photo.

Team USA (plus one Canadian) is headed to Australia for a world-class kayak fishing throw-down against 15 other national teams. Several on the US / Canadian fish-hunting squad are proven winners, boasting tournament honors from across North America.

Hobie’s Fishing World Championship will be contested Down Under this year from October 30 through November 3, over a little gamester the home-standing Aussies call bream. Let’s get to know some of the US / Canadian team. -KF

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As Told To Paul Lebowitz

Fishing the Hobie World Championship in Australia is an opportunity of a lifetime. I am headed to a country I have only dreamed of seeing since I was a small child. I am honored and excited to be able to represent the US and Hobie. The experiences and people that I meet on this trip will be worth it no matter how I do in the tournament, but winning would be awesome!

I was the 2011 IFA Kayak Tour National Champion and 2011 IFA Kayak Tour National Angler of the Year

To win it will take an ability to quickly adapt to an unfamiliar fishing style in an unfamiliar place – and some luck. It will also take team work. For those of us that fished in last year’s worlds we learned a little late that we need to work as team to share information on what is working and what the fish are relating to.

Bream seem to be a cross between a sheepshead and a small snapper. It would not be on the top of my list of fish to catch but I am sure that if that many Australians choose to fish for it is a great gamefish in its own right.

If I were to travel on my own to fish I think I would want to target dogtooth tuna, juvenile black marlin, and barramundi.

I have watched almost every video I can find that might give my some idea of bream living and feeding habits. I have even gone so far to contact some Australian fishermen through my sponsors to get their personal insights on the species.

I think I am going to have to be patient but because of the short amount of pre-fishing time I need to learn what works quickly. There is only so much reading and video watching I can do to prepare. Until I am able to practice the applications and techniques I have been learning about I won’t really know.

Carter was a Hobie corporate selection to the 2012 Fishing World Championship contested in Texas. The Hobie Regional Fishing Team member is back for another go-round. Carter owns and operates the Kayak Fish SC Guide Service and fishes for YakAttack, Hook1, St. Croix, and many more.

Hobie's worldy anglers will compete in identically rigged Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14's outfitted with Lowrance electronics, Ram Mounting Systems and Power-Pole micro-anchors. Live weigh-ins will take place on each of the three days of competition with anglers weighing three fish per day. Follow the action on the web at Hobiefishingworlds.com.

Carter will be joined on the US Hobie Fishing World Championship Team by fellow IFA winner Benton Parrott.

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