Goose attack

Drew Gregory mid-goosing. Photo: Drew Gregory

Before Isaac Brumaghim’s flying shark went viral, there was this:

That’s Jackson Kayak’s Drew Gregory, bass fisherman, river lover, and now, fishing kayak designer. Gregory’s star was already shining in kayak fishing circles when a chance encounter with an (amorous? angry?) goose put him squarely in the mainstream media spotlight. The video made the rounds: the Jay Leno Show, MSNBC, LiveLeak, Animal Planet and many other outlets screened the (admit it!) humorous video.

Gregory says his goosing was the best thing that ever happened to him, “a blessing.” By all accounts, it sped his rise to prominence in kayak fishing.

Time will tell whether Brumaghim’s viral shark video will also propel Hawaii’s most prominent kayak angler to greater heights. In case you’re the one person on the planet who missed it, view it HERE.