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Mission: To catch a barramundi over one meter in length
Angler: Adrian Tuck
When: September 2014
Location: Ross River (freshwater), Townsville, Australia
Rig: Shimano Sustain 3000, Shimano Raider Barra Flickstick 5-8 kg
Shimano Chronarch CI4+ 150HG, GLoomis GL2 10-to 20-lb. baitcaster
Bait & Line: 2O-lb. Power Pro, 40-lb. Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon leader; Rapala X-rap; Stanley Ribbit Frog

“This video is the end result of countless hours on the water learning to fish for a new species in a place I have never fished before,” says Tuck. “There was a lot of ups and downs, including getting a monster beside the kayak, only to have the rookie error of dropping it while trying to lift it into the kayak with lip grips! Fortunately I was able to back it up a week later and land my fish of a lifetime. Fish were caught by either extremely slow tolling an x-rap or casting weedless frogs into thick weed cover.

“Words can't describe the feeling when you put all your time and effort into something, and you finally get the result you have been dreaming of.”