You'll get action from top to bottom and up close to a long cast away with Kayak Fish Video Magazine!

You’ll get action from top to bottom, up close and a long cast away with Kayak Fish Video Magazine!

In Your Face Action with Kayak Fish Video Magazine!

Kayak Fish brings the sport's most engaging kayak personalities together in a monthly video magazine. This new format offers the world's top kayak anglers a centralized place to share their content, and delivers the best destinations, tips, gear, news and fish stories in kayak fishing.

Brought to you every month by Wilderness Systems, Ocean Kayak, Old Town Kayak & Canoe, NRS and Jackson Kayak, Kayak Fish Video Magazine also features guest spots from kayak celebrities across the globe as they tackle everything that swims while fishing from kayaks of all kinds and riggings.

The KFVM lineup includes both well-known names and rising stars such as Isaac Brumaghim of Aquahunters, Robert Field of YakFish TV, Jim Sammons of the Kayak Fishing Show, Chris Funk of Feral One, Morgan Promnitz of Hobie Fishing and longtime Kayak Fish expert kayak Jerry McBride.

Top paddlers and anglers like Jameson Redding and Rex "Del Rey" DeGuzman and more are expected to bring their expertise and unique video points of view to the forefront in the monthyly KFVM.

The tight format releases a full length (25-minute) feature each month composed of 6 to 8 short videos covering a wide range of topics and formats, including straight action segments, boat reviews, tips, how-tos, and documentary style reviews of epic trips complete with footage from the top videographers in the business.

Each month's "issue" starts with a headliner video of about 5 minutes length that has one of our hosts take you on a kayak fishing adventure.

The format of the Kayak Fish Video Magazine home page allows viewers to individually view each segment of that month's issue, while excerpts, entire segments and expanded versions will be pushed to social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on both Kayak Fish and contributors’ various channels.