Editor’s Note: KayakFishMag has been on top of the big game kayak scene in Hawaii for a long time thanks to the hard work of former editor and still-valued contributor Paul Lebowitz. Well, maybe it’s hard work to fly to Hawaii and drag around talented underwater and above-water photographer Aaron Black-Schmidt, all the while getting to fish some of the best water for marlin, ahi and ono in the world. Now many of the island kayakers Kayak Fish has highlighted are taking part in the Discovery Channel’s Pacific Warriors. We thought it would be fun to look back at the stories and videos that first let us know about these hardcore island crews.

Island Style Kayak Fishing
Ancient traditions, modern techniques
By Paul Lebowitz

In the Spring 2014 edition of Kayak Fish Magazine, now on newsstands, the Kona Crew offered an unprecedented look at Big Island action. These guys been poundin.’ Hawaii’s kayak anglers consistently smash all-time catch records.

Join Andy Cho, Steve Cho, Rob Wong Yuen and Matt Reed in this video to learn what gets them going and why they are driven to chase big fish. Call it Island Style Kayak Fishing.

Feeding the village: Andy Cho with 70 pounds of prime shibi.

Feeding the village: Andy Cho with 70 pounds of prime shibi. Photo: Black-Schmidt Photography.

The KF Review: Pacific Warriors on Discovery Channel