Discovery’s latest extreme fishing TV series Pacific Warriors focuses on Hawaii locals who long ago mastered the art and skill of tackling the big water in search of kayak fish.

A preview of the first episode provided to revealed stunning island scenery both above and below the water, big fish caught and lost, and, most of all, the treacherous nature of the natural world.

Currents, waves, reefs, fishing hot spots that are miles offshore, shifting weather, the sheer physical challenge of fighting a giant fish from a sliver of plastic boat, the advantages of one island over another, and the inevitable presence of sharks, aka the “tax man”, all challenge the kayak personalities in this latest entry in the reality show genre.

Kimi Werner dives for octopus for dinner and for connection to her island home.

Kimi Werner dives for octopus for dinner and for connection to her island home.

The only downside is that for all the incredible video shot for the inaugural hour-long Pacific Warriors episode on Discovery, there are even more choppy transitions to endure as labored story lines jump from one to another and back again.

Luckily true reality shines through, especially for those of us who spend time in and on the water and know that kayak fishing and diving along and offshore of the shorelines of Hawai is gnarly (insert your own extreme word if you don’t like mine) in every core aspect of what the men and women featured in Pacific Warriors do every day as they pursue their passion.

Despite the technology, production values and clunky plot-building, what really stands out is the Aloha spirit of the series’ stars. There is no denying the truth in their eyes when they speak from the heart about their home and their way of life.

Verdict? If you kayak fish or fish at all, you’ll want to watch Pacific Warriors. It’s about us.

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