Holiday Gear Spotlight: NRS Sidewinder Bib Wader – Robert Field reviews waders designed with the kayak angler in mind

Robert Field reviews waders designed with the kayak angler in mind

The holidays and winter weather are upon us and now’s the time to make sure you have the best kayak fishing gear, including the new NRS Sidewider Bib Waders. If you are looking for a new pair of waders, why not choose a bib wader that was specifically designed for the kayak fisherman?

While many fishermen wade shorelines of lakes and rivers, kayak anglers are on or in the water the entire time they cast for the next bite or travel to the next hot spot. While all waders need to have at least a belt system to prevent water from filling the legs in case of immersion, the NRS Sidewinder Bib Waders have an integrated waist belt system that is easily adjustable with a hook and loop strap.

For even more safety and a better fit, NRS also added adjustable cinching chest straps under the armpit. For better paddling comfort the Sidewinder Bibs feature a wishbone shoulder strap design.


The highest quality materials were used in the construction of the Sidewinder Bibs and allowed designers to create such innovations as replacing the traditional Neoprene bootfoot with socks made with four layers of breathable, waterproof material, while also incorporating articulated knees for freedom of movement getting in and out of the kayak, towing the boat, pedaling  and moving from a seated position to stand up fishing.

An easy to tighten waste belt and adjustable chest straps make the NRS Sidewinder Bib Waders easy to make safe and comfortable. Photo Robert Field.

A feature on the NRS waders sure to be popular with many kayak anglers is a built-in waterproof  “relief zipper” system that allows the angler to answer at least one call of nature without having to take the risk and make the effort of removing both your PFD and waders.

The Sidewinder Bib Wader from NRS is available at dealers and online for $450.

Articulated knees and the best materials make the NRS Sidewider Bib Waders make it easy to bust a move. Photo Robert Field