Fishgrip! The best last minute gift – No kayaker should be without this simple fishing tool

No kayaker should be without this simple fishing tool

The Fishgrip offers an easy and secure way to deal with toothy critters and avoid exposed hooks. Photo Chris Funk

Get a Grip! Fishgrip that is

By Chris Funk


There are two things that will ruin a successful trip quickly if an angler isn't careful: teeth and hooks. It only takes one encounter with either one of those dangers to make you fully aware of their devastating potential. There are a couple of options on the market to help secure fish while protecting the hands but my pick is the” target=”_blank”>Fishgrip.

Weighing less than a bag of soft plastics, these locking-jaw plastic fish grippers have saved me from hooks and toothy critters wherever I travel to fish. The Fishgrip fits well in seat pockets or is just as easy to clamp to a bungee to keep it handy.

You can deploy the Fishgrip one handed and they float if they are dropped overboard. The grips are a great way to secure a fish in a catch-photo-release format tourney while the angler is getting their camera and token ready.

The Fishgrip weighs exactly .5 pounds and comes with a hole in the handle that makes it easy to attach a scale and get an accurate weight without poking a hole in the fish’s jaw or pinching down with metal.

If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer for an angler in your crew, give the Fishgrip a try. They may be able to shake your hand with all 5 fingers because of your gernerosity!