Kimi Werner dives for octopus for dinner and for connection to her island home.

Kimi Werner was an audience favorite for her connection to her family and island home, not to mention her adventurous spirit.

The Short Life of Pacific Warriors Kayak Show

By Rich Holland

When Isaac Brumaghim posted on his Facebook page that the Discovery Channel opted not to pick up a second season of Pacific Warriors, there was both a feeling of loss and expectancy.

First the loss. So many characters were juggled over several of the islands of Hawaii and combined with so many plot lines, one loss was the chance for the writers, producers and directors to actually pull something cohesive out of the mess they made.

For readers of Kayak Fish Magazine and, the biggest loss was the chance to watch real people that we knew from articles in years past do what they do best — catch pelagic game fish from a kayak in one of the most beautiful locations in the entire world. The setting and the people were stunning in beauty and talent.

Now for what we can expect in the future. Original Aquahunters like Isaac, Andy Cho and Rob Wong Yuen will certainly keep fishing and filming more kayak show footage. Isaac has already announced a 2016 season of Aquahunters.

Extreme kayak fishing in Hawaii with da Aquahunters.

Rob Wong Yuen started Pacific Warriors catching fish through sharks then was cast as the heavy in later episodes of the kayak show. Photo Aaron Black-Schmidt

It’s sure we will see video from the many experienced kayakers we saw on all the islands. Let’s get this straight — everyone on the show was a well-established kayaking pro before Discovery came along.

Andy Cho is an old hand at getting the best of an ono (wahoo) from a kayak. Photo Aaron Black-Schmidt

Andy Cho is an old hand at getting the best of an ono (wahoo) from a kayak and just about everything else that swims in Hawaii. Photo Aaron Black-Schmidt

For now it’s time to move forward and plan the next fishing trip. Look for an interview with Isaac in a couple days as he describes his plans for the future.